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Please refer to the Rights of Way update link above for the latest news on footpaths and other access issues.

Meirionnydd footpaths

Meirionnydd has a rich network of Public Rights of Way - footpaths, bridleways and byways - covering some 1200 miles or more.  There are low level and high level routes, easy and not so easy, though fields and woodlands, alongside rivers and coasts and up into the mountains.  Our Rights of Way are classed as “highways” and afforded the same protection in law as the roads we drive on. Like our roads, they are kept open and usable by the local highways authority, the county (or unitary) authority. But with limited resources the Gwynedd County Council is hard pressed to keep up with the enormous amount of work involved. The most popular and well used paths are, quite rightly, prioritised by both the Council and the Snowdonia National Park Authority, but inevitably some of the lesser paths can become blocked or fall into disrepair.

Reporting footpath problems

If you come across any problems while walking on Meirionnydd's Rights of Way, such as obstructions or faulty stiles or gates, you can report them direct to Gwynedd council by phone or by visiting their website.  Or you can report them to us by contacting our footpath secretary and we'll pass the information on.  Please be sure to tell us the exact nature of the problem and provide a grid reference of its location.  If you cannot provide a grid reference we need a good enough description to pinpoint the location.

Footpath Clearance Volunteer Group

There are Ramblers’ volunteer groups all over the UK working to maintain the Rights of Way in their areas.  Our own volunteer group was set up early in 2012 to work with Gwynedd Council officers, helping to keep our paths open and usable. The Council’s Rights of Way team do a great job preparing in advance for our visit, discussing and agreeing with the landowner what needs to be done. Then our group, usually about six or seven of us, arrives suitably clad in old gardening clothes and gets to work.  So far we've worked on vegetation clearance, way-marking, painting yellow tops on marker posts and erecting new gates and marker posts! You can find news about our current volunteering activities on the Rights of Way Update page. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our footpath secretary.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018