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Meirionnydd Ramblers Committee

Like all local Ramblers groups, the Meirionnydd group is run by unpaid volunteers, enthusiastic members who put in the time and effort to keep the group running and organise its activities.  Our committee members also contribute to the wider Ramblers organisation - at area (North Wales), Cymru and national levels.  The committee is elected annually at the AGM.  Our current committee roles are listed below, though as we are not a large group, some committee members undertake more than one of these roles.

Chairman - running meetings, supporting committee members and representing the group

Group Secretary - dealing with correspondence, organising meetings and taking minutes

Treasurer - looking after the finances

Programme Secretary - putting together the walks program, recruiting and supporting leaders

Footpath Secretary - liaising with the local council regarding the state of local footpaths.  Dealing with footpath issues and organising the footpath volunteer group

Membership Secretary - dealing with membership queries and helping to maintain membership levels

Publicity Secretary - publicising the group to the wider audience in the local area

Other committee members - helping in running the group and contributing on an as-and-when needed basis.

You can download more details of the committee roles here. To see the names of our current committee members and to contact them, please visit our Contact Us page. 

Committee meetings are held three times a year in January, June and October. Group members are welcome to offer agenda suggestions and may attend meetings as observers. The group AGM is held each October and is open to all members.  We would like to encourage as many members as possible to attend and participate in the AGM - the Committee needs to know that they running the group as members want it run and to hear ideas for any changes members would like. As well as transacting the business of the group and electing the committee, we usually invite a guest speaker to the AGM to speak on a topic of general interest. 

You can find the dates of forthcoming meetings on the News and Events page. Members who would like to suggest items for discussion or obtain copies of the minutes of previous meetings, should contact the group secretary.  Also, please do tell us, either in person while out on a walk or via the Contact Us page, if you would be interested in serving on the committee - we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018